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Charles Fenech

Charles Fenech was born on February 25, 1959. He grew up in Rabat, Malta. Nowaday he lives at Baħrija limits outskirts of Rabat. He is a Broadcaster and Disk Jockey.

Charles has always been interested in music and what he loved most was Italian music, his favorite singer was Gianni Morandi and he loved the music of the sixties and seventies.

He later became interested in all kinds of music. He started playing at the age of 18 with Ghigo's Disco and used to play at weddings. He also started playing also with DJ Spencer. (Joseph Azzopardi).

At the same time he also played with Jeka Disco at the Youth Center of Sant Agatha, Rabat and later started playing at the motorcycle club in Rabat.

In 1982 Charles joined Xandir Malta today as PBS as a Dj. Over time he has had various programs including programs for factory workers from 10.00am to noon. For years he has also presented breakfast shows, he has had several evening programs such as ‘Ispettaklu tat-Tlieta’, another program with Twanny Scerri on cable radio 1 ‘Għejjun ta' Nostalgija’ a good programm aired for a period of 10 years. He had other programs every Sunday such as ‘Mużika u Sports’ in the afternoon which included various sports connections from various stadiums around Malta. He also had another program ‘Villeġatura il-Ħadd’ on Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 14:00 with Joe Gabriel Vella, Manuel Cassar and the weeping and never forgotten Mario Ellul.

Charles Fenech playing in an disco


With Xandir Malta he had the opportunity to learn a lot from very experienced people including the late Charles Arrigo and Charles Abela Mizzi. Charles continued to work with Xandir Malta until 2005 where he started working with Calypso Radio which at that time was still a Community Radio which was broadcast from Ħamrun and later became a National Radio and started broadcasting from Buġibba.

Charles also made a long career playing in Vibes Disco where he ran from 1983 to 1998. Charles stopped working at the Discos and started again in 2008 when he held a reunion, after he had been approached by the owner of the Tattingers Disco in Rabat where he then started organizing parties by himself every month. These parties lasted until 2018. Charles also spent many years organizing an annual end-of-year party where they were always very successful. Charles also carried out various programs and campaigns for the Dar tal-Providenza at Rabat and Siġġiewi. Charles is currently running various programs on both Calypso Radio and Xejk Television