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Charles Curmi was born in Valletta, Malta, but emigrated to Australia when he was sixteen.

He comes from a show business family. He originally started singing in Sydney, but then relocated to Melbourne. Known as Baby Face, at 28, he released a popular track under the Dynamic International label, entitled Dejjem Irrid.

Charles Baby Face Curmi

It is most probably his most requested song by the Maltese communities in Australia and on Maltese music programmes in Malta. Its lyrics and melody were written by Frank Pulis. The B side of the same release featured Iż-Żwieġ, with lyrics by Charles Zammit. His band included Frank Pulis on bass, J. Gauci on rhythm guitar and lead guitar, Joe Camilleri on drums and C. Tanti on piano and organ.

Curmi died in Australia on Thursday 21 March 2013.

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