Charlene 'Charly' Mercieca

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Charlene 'Charly' Mercieca

Charlene ‘Charly’ Mercieca was born in il-Gżira on 12 July 1983.

She is mostly known for her unique business where she creates beautiful handcrafted soaps and various natural beauty products from local ingredients.

She has been nominated for various local awards and qualified as runner up for ‘Premju f’Ġieħ L’Artiġjanat’ in 2015 , the award for the ‘Best Sustainable Business’ in 2016 and the ‘Friendliest Business’ in 2017.

Her work has featured in various local and foreign magazines and T.V shows including a very popular show in Japan ‘Nijiro Jean’ featuring the go to places in Malta.

She has been very active in promoting local high-quality crafts. She has also been the President of Maker’s Mark Malta from 2014-2015.

Charlene has been attracting the attention of the media since the beginning of her career back in 2009 were she has been invited on variousT.V shows, pod casts and other social events to deliver speeches about the importance of using natural products which has minimal impact on our health and the environment.

In 2010, she was also one of the protagonists in a local T.V show Liquorish.

In the very beginning of 2016, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. She made her journey public and in doing so help indirectly those who were passing through a similar situation. She has become an even more avid promoter of health and well-being, creating where it has sources of complimentary therapies, books, music and her journal.

One of her dreams was to present her own program, and in 2017, she was approached by the Malta broadcasting authority to present the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

After her successful adventure, she continues to explore other various opportunities including a Masters in Business.