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Carm Lino Spiteri was an architect and politician.

He was born in Valletta on the 9th of September 1932 and acquired the nickname Ċumpaqq as a schoolboy at The Lyceum during a physics lesson where he gave the wrong answer to his teacher who exclaimed that the young Carm Lino had simply replied ċum-paq-pum, which is to say without thinking. The nickname stuck with him throughout his life and he was quite proud of it.

Spiteri graduated in Architecture in 1955 from the University of Malta, where he was also active in student politics. He then specialised in public health in London but returned to Malta to work as an architect, building a solid reputation as one of the foremost consultants in his field. He was involved in hundreds of construction projects, including the Malta International Airport at il-Gudja.

In 1970 he was approached to run for Parliament by both the Partit Nazzjonalista and the Malta Labour Party. After his personal friend Dr Daniel Micallef chose to stand with the MLP on the district which included his home town of Mellieħa, Spiteri decided to enter the fray on behalf of the Nationalist Party in the 1971 General Election. He was elected and returned to the house of representative in 1976, 1981 and 1992. He was not successful in retaining his seat during the 1987 election and eventually left politics in 1996 after he failed to win his seat again.

During his tenure in Parliament he served as whip for the Nationalist Party. He was very respected by his political adversaries, particularly because he was known for his honesty. He shocked both government and opposition members in 1992 when he called the newly established Planning Authority a "monster" during a speech in the House.

Mr Spiteri was President of the Victoria Band Club in Mellieħa for 35 years.

In 1996 he was honoured with a commemorative medal marking the 75th anniversary since the introduction of Self Government in Malta.

He died on 9 February 2008 at the age of 75.