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Bustamento is a tropical shaking six piece from Melbourne Australia that pays homage to the upbeat rhythms of the Caribbean, covering the Calypso, Mento, Early Reggae and Ska styles.

Founder and conductor Nicky Bomba is one of Australia's busiest and most highly respected musicians. He has built a solid reputation in the music industry via many projects including writing and performing with his band Bomba, conducting the Melbourne Ska Orchestra to playing drums on John Butler's award- winning Sunrise over Sea and April Uprising. He has a discography of over a dozen albums and has been a composer/performer on many more.

In what was a totally fun and inspiring experience, BUSTAMENTO recorded 23 songs in one weekend and realised they had something special... Jungle drums, sweet harmonies, banjos, ukuleles, double bass, piano, trumpets, saxophones, steel drums, mbiras, jazz guitars and a healthy dose of looseness was the order of the day. The band has an amazing chemistry and with brothers Nicky and Michael Caruana side by side again, it was a winning combination.

Maltese influence

Nicky says the name Bustamento sounded good and to add value to the name, a bastiment in the Maltese language means a very big boat.

Of the song writing experience Nicky states:
 Eternity (Gozitan Love Song) was another moment I realised there was a real connection with Maltese folklore and the island music I loved. I was shown a simpler version of these chords in an old café in Gozo (Malta) by an eccentric fisherman one summer afternoon. The vibe lifted, we set up a groove and made up lyrics on the spot.

Għamillu Karta is an old Maltese folk tune BUSTAMENTO ska'd up and Nicky sang in the mother tongue.


  • Nicky Bomba - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion

  • Barry Deenick - Double Bass, Vocals

  • Paul Coyle - Trumpet, Vocals
George Servanis - Percussion, Vocals
Michael Caruana - Piano
Peter Mitchell - Saxophone

  • Lennox Jordon – Steelpans


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