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Brent Muscat (born April 23, 1967, in Hollywood, California) is a guitarist who has played in various bands, most notably Faster Pussycat. He has also been a member of Sin City Sinners, L.A. Guns, the Liberators, Adler's Appetite, Sin City All Stars, The Underground Rebels. With L.A. Guns, he was a touring guitarist and appears on the two bonus live tracks on Rips the Covers Off.

While headlining the Metal Sludge Extravaganza Tour with Faster Pussycat in 2003, Muscat authored a tour diary of his experiences on the road. In similar fashion, he has been spending the past several years writing his autobiography. Muscat is the brother of Todd Musca (who was bass player in a number of Los Angeles based bands including Kill For Thrills, and Junkyard).

In 2007, Muscat formed a second line up of Faster Pussycat, claiming rights to the name, with former members Eric Stacy and Brett Bradshaw along with Kurt Frohlich on vocals and Todd Kerns.

On April 21, 2007, Muscat circulated via MySpace an open invitation to Taime Downe and Greg Steele to reunite with him, Stacy and Bradshaw. There was no response from Taime. Brent's version of Faster Pussycat toured Europe in Spring 2007 with Kurt Frohlich replacing Taime on vocals along with Todd Kerns on guitar.

After a short name dispute with Taime Downe Brent dropped his claim and dissolved his incarnation of the band.Muscat currently lives in Las Vegas and has his own band called Sin City Sinners. The band also features Todd Kerns (ex-Age of Electric), Rob Cournoyer (ex-Raging Slab), and musician/actor Zachary Throne.

Muscat also occasionally plays in the Vegas-based 70s glam rock tribute Glam Star, which features his former Faster Pussycat bandmate Kurt Frohlich and Yellow Brick Road drummer James Sloan. Muscat's Sinners bandmate Todd Kerns sometimes appears as a guest with them as well.

Brent is one of the characters in the book Sex Tips from Rock Stars by Paul Miles, published by Omnibus Press in July of 2010. Currently he is participating, and performing, as a counselor in the Rock Fantasy Camp. Contents

Discography 'Faster Pussycat' Self-titled 1987 'Wake me when it's over' 1989 Faster Pussycat 'Live and Rare' 1990 Black Board Jungle 'I Like It a Lot! B-side and Demos (Producer) 1991 'Whipped' 1992 Liberators featuring Phil Lewis 'More Purple Than Black' 1999 'Access Denied' 2000 Bubble 'How Bout This' 2000 '11th Street Tales: A Tribute To Hanoi Rocks' 2000 L.A. Guns - 'Rips The Covers Off' 2004 Underground Rebels 'Insult to Injury' 2004' Sin City Sinners 'Exile On Fremont Street' 2010 'Broken Record' 2010 'A Sinners Christmas' 2011

On February 19th 2012, Brent announced live on Las Vegas Radio station Komp 92.3 that on March 16th he will have his head shaved in front of a live audience to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer, but more importantly, to raise money to find cures through the St Baldrick's charity. On March 16th 2012 Brent shaved his head on stage in front of a sold out crowd and beat his goal raising thousands of dollars for the St. Baldrick's foundation.

In 1989 Brent received a gold record award for Faster Pussycats second album "Wake me when it's over". Years later in 2004 he would earn his second gold record with the self titled debut "Faster Pussycat", Sin City Sinners Brent's current band has won "Best of Vegas" two years in a row (2009 and 2010) in the Las Vegas Review Journal reader's poll, and their music video 'Going to Vegas' received the 32nd annual Telly award. Brent and the Sin City Sinners as well as being the house band, won the Publisher's Pick award at the 2010 VRMA Awards.




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  • 'Wake me when it's over' [1989]
  • Faster Pussycat 'Live and Rare' [1990]
  • Black Board Jungle 'I Like It a Lot! B-side and Demos (Producer) [1991]
  • 'Whipped' [1992]
  • Liberators featuring Phil Lewis
  • 'More Purple Than Black' [1999]
  • 'Access Denied' [2000]
  • Bubble 'How Bout This' [2000]
  • '11th Street Tales: A Tribute To Hanoi Rocks' [2000]
  • L.A. Guns - 'Rips The Covers Off' [2004]
  • Underground Rebels 'Insult to Injury' [2004]
  • Sin City Sinners
  • 'Exile On Fremont Street' [2010]
  • 'Broken Record' [2010]
  • 'A Sinners Christmas' [2011]