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is an inspirational medieval music band, from Rabat, Malta.

The craving for medieval musical instruments pursued Jai Camilleri to obtain a decent collection of authentic instruments; bearing in mind that one-day he could use them in a minstrel band.

Being a member of Anakron living history group, Jai had the opportunity to display these instruments in the previous Medieval Mdina Festivals. Jonathan Camilleri a young guitar enthusiast and mediaeval music lover was encouraged by Jai to form a medieval band. Jonathan took him by the word and soon after they began looking for other musicians while working on related material.

After sometime they met Chali Grima who was introduced to Jai’s hammered dulcimer, one of his unique instruments collection and feel passionately in love with. Now after almost a year and a half rehearsing together, the concept of minstrel band evolved in the name of the semi Maltese-Italian word BIBITA - meaning a drink between friends. Bibita had début their first appearance in the Medieval Mdina Festival 2013. The vocalist is Alexia Baldacchino.

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