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Sunday 13 January 2008 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)

“We’re back from the UK” has become a familiar posting on Loathe’s website. For the second time in recent months, the Maltese metallers flew over to Britain in December, where they had been invited to perform a support slot at the Black Winter’s Day Festival in Bradford. As vocalist Beast described it, “It was an awesome experience sharing the enormous stage with such killer bands”. The killer bands on the same billing included Let ‘Em Burn, Mindless Torture, Evile, Centurion’s Ghost, Carnal Rites, The Belonging, Detrimentum and Sabbat, the latter hailed as titans of their genre. Prior to their performance at the festival, Loathe also performed three ‘warm-up’ gigs along with Detonation, Seven Years Dead, Life Denied and Mindless Torture. Loathe’s participation at this event, organized by Thousand Lakes Promotions in association with popular extreme metal publication Terrorizer, is further proof of the soaring level that the local metal scene has attained. Meanwhile, the band has confirmed it will be performing live on February 9 at the Pre-Valentine Massacre IV at Remedy in Paceville. Knockturn Alley and Seismic will also be performing on the night.

Meanwhile, the band has also applied to perform at the Bloodstock 08 open-air festival, and has called on its fanbase for support in getting it there. Fans need to visit the Bloodstock website, where the band has posted a video of one of their songs, Ragdoll. After registering, one can then view and/or download the video, and the more views and downloads the video gets, the better the band’s chances to perform at the festival get.

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