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Austin Agius is a folk music promoter.

Folk music promoter Austin Agius.

Born on the 21st January 1970, Agius who hails from Marsa is one of the leading organizers of folk music events.

In September 2013 he hosted what was arguably the season's largest folk event at the Marsa Regatta Club, with the participation of Mikiel Cutajar Is-Superstar, Etienne Pawney In-Naxxari, Gabriel Briffa Iż-Żeżin and Joe Busuttil Il-Bużu amongst others.

The event was characterized with a majjalata, piglets roasted on the spit by volunteers, with some of the proceeds going towards the Marsa boat racing club and the presence of Marsa-born folksinger René Calleja l-Bessie and Toni Cutajar Il-Pikkolin, together with Joe Vella l-Bokser.

Agius with a Marsa racing boat.

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