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Aquarius was a Maltese band featuring Godwin Cachia on keyboards, Lawrence Magrin on bass, Charles Cortis on drums and Joe Mallia on vocals, that played at the Skyroom and the Venus Room, the famed nightclubs at the Hotel Preluna in Sliema.


An off-shoot band, led by John Micallef and named Johnny Mick Band, toured Liverpool for six months. A stand-in vocalist, Renato Micallef, was roped in. They opted to be managed by Johnny Gove' of Bagospi Entertainment Agency, who began giving them substantial media coverage. In the Seventies they were regular guests on Television Malta, including the music programmes Parata and Mill-Kaxxa tad-Daqq. Aquarius supported Italian singer Al Bano at the Plaza, also in Sliema.

In the 1980s they included Martin Jenkins, a keyboardist and vocalist, from Rabat Malta, in their line-up.

Aquarius in Rabat in the 1980s

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