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Antonia Micallef

Antonia Micallef from Mellieħa, was born on August 5, 1978. A familiar face for many in Malta because she works for the national television station, TVM, as a broadcast journalist and a newscaster. She’s also a mother-of-one son.

She worked part-time with the Corinthia Animation Team between 1994 and 2002 while studying at Ġan Franġisk Abela Junior College and subsequently her first degree at the University of Malta.

She graduated Bachelor of Communications (Honours) in 2002 and chose to pursue further studies in journalism. In 2004 she graduated Master of Arts in Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications from the University of Malta. Her dissertation The Credibility of Local News in Maltese Media investigated how credible the public thinks the Maltese media are.

In August 1999, she travelled to the United States of America for six months on an exchange student programme at North Dakota State University. On returning to Malta, during the third year of her undergraduate degree, Antonia was one of six Communications students who took advantage of an apprentice opportunity to gain hands-on experience in journalism, with the PBS, Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. During this period and for some years later, Antonia also worked on the production of various television programmes and inside the control room with technical crew.

Antonia Micallef gets her prize from Profs.Charles Briffa

While doing her Masters degree, she worked for two years at Communications Ltd. helping in the production of various current affairs programmes and in the newsroom. At the time, Malta went through major electoral campaigns: Malta’s accession in the European Union, followed by a general election and the first European Parliament elections.

Following a major restructuring process, PBS issued a call for applications for journalists/editors and Antonia started working as a broadcast journalist for PBS in October 2004. Till this day she writes news stories for the flagship 8 o’clock TVM news bulettin. Between January 2014 and June 2016, she was also part of the team of journalists who write stories for the company’s website,

In May 2014 Antonia won the award for the best use of the National Language in Journalism, during the 24th edition of the Malta Journalism Awards.