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Antonella Galea Lofreda

Antonella Galea Loffreda was born in Cospicua on 29 th September, 1977.

Antonella is married to actor, presenter, and producer Joseph Galea and got a talent girl named Martina Galea Loffreda who she’s a singer and dancer.

Antonella had acting in several plays in her location, and far in 1996 she went yo The Drama Centre Of Mikelanġ Borg, where Trainee in performing arts. In 1997 she attended a theatrical encounter f'Besancon, France.

Took part in several theatrical works including the Manoel Theatre such as "Annimali Lkoll Aħna'(1998) "Mara tal-Ebda Importanza"(2000); "L-Armla li jilħqilha" (2001) and "Iż-Żewġ Ġentlomi ta’ Verona" (2002).

In other drama played a major art in them are "Ulied Breshnev" and "Faust" (1999); "Għaddi dott" (2001); "Hekuba" (2002); "Raging Bull" (2003); "Mill-Pulena Sal-Provenz" (2004); "Is-Sur Mastru" (2010) and Kast Theatre Group productions which is a member and one of its founders. These include "It-Tfal Jiġu bil-Vapuri' (2002); "Siegħet Sansun" (2004); "Inbid ta’ Kuljum" (2009); "Pupu Fil-Baħar"(2011) and "Xagħret Mewwija"(2013).

Antonella Galea Lofreda

On television played major parts in several works including "Il-Pesta 1813"(ONE 2000); "Anġli"(NET TV 2001); "F’Bahar Wieħed" (NET TV 2002); "Delitti Maltin" (TVM 2003); "Kaktus"(ONE 2003/04); "Belgħa Te"(ONE 2008); "Żafira"(TVM 2013) and "Pupi" (NET TV 2006) which interpreted the principal character in the story and it was nominated in Malta Television Awards 2007. Antonella has also worked with film English director Hell's Despite shown overseas as it appeared in various festivals, including the prestigious festival in Sarajevo Cinema. Also played a major part in Xrar was done dokudrama local Cinema in 2010.

Antonella presented several programs and had also participated in the production of some of them. Among the more frequently followed find "Super News" (NET 2000); "Kaxxa Magħluqa" (Net 2002); "Maltin Bħalna" (TVM 2005); "Għal Qalbi" (ONE 2007/2008); "X’Ħadd Magħna" (ONE 2009-2011) and "Pellikola" (TVM 2013).

And even Songs Festivals like "Ilwien Muzikali" held by Bronk Producations.

She was also in the program Liquerish tal-2012 u l-2013 as opinionist. Antonella has also worked several commercial spots for some of the top companies in Malta, as well as festivals and presented them during participated f'Iljieli Literary Evenings on Campus.

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