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Anthony A.Cachia

Anthony A. Cachia was born on 25 January 1950 at Mellieħa. For over a span of fifty years he gave his best in live music entertainment.

Starting off singing and playing guitar as a 16 year old kid in a beatgroup way back in the mid-sixties where there were 2 or 3 groups in every town or village, all competing to show their musical skills and abilities, playing dances and other spots in the local musical scene. These were hard but exciting times.

Anthony A. Cachia joined The Minks beatgroup as Lead Vocalist early in 1967 then switching over to guitar playing in 1968. As a member of The MINKS, he used to play in various clubs and venues all over the island. Beside doing cover versions of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and other sixties hits, he used to write his own lyrics and music which they used to play during their performances. In 1972, he composed and sang on their first successful 45 vinyl single titled Xortija which also featured on the popular Malta Television program Folklobeat presented by Charles Micallef. He remained a member of The Minks until 1976.

In 1977, Anthony A. Cachia formed the FLAME group. Together with his new group members they were booked to play in several hotels and other places, performing almost every night all over Malta.

Anthony A.Cachia

As a song writer, he wrote the lyrics and music of all the three songs which were released on vinyl records by the Flame group. He was the lead singer on the Flame’s debut record Ġejja l-Mummy released in July 1979 and which was a great success. This was followed by another two of his own compositions - Uffa Ja Baħnan (1980) and Maħbuba Tiegħi / Ħallelujah! Twieled il-Mulej (1981) which again were in the highest positions in the local charts.

In December 1996, he contributed one of their compositions Bħal Fjur Fil-Ġnien as one of the 40 songs available on the double c.d. titled Għalina l-Anġli with all proceeds going to the Eden Foundation.

This was not the first time that Anthony A. Cachia and his FLAME group participated in such philantropic events. In fact – They had organized two - 24 & 25 Hour Music Marathons in Aid of the Physically Disabled at the Belle View Bar & Restaurant, Mellieħa. The first event was held on the 29th November 1980, and the following year, a second 25 Hour Music Marathon was held on the 26th September 1981.

These Music Marathons consisted of 24 hours of continuous music played by the Flame group, where funds were collected for every hour performed with all the money donated from this Marathon going to the P.H.R.F. – Kordin.

On the 11th December 1982, Anthony A. Cachia along with Flame participated in the first WardaKanta Festival held in Valletta with another on his compositions titled Bix-Xogħol, Bżulija W Onesta.

After being the resident band at the Golden Sands Hotel and the Belle View in Mellieħ for over 20 years, Anthony and the Flame group called it a day in April 2002.

For a time, Anthony Cachia and his son Mark Cachia used to play as a duo in several hotels and when Joe Muscat joined them on bass, they called themselves JAMM. Since 2009, Anthony has been a key member with the new JAMM Band, playing in various local concerts and shows. He also performed with JAMM Band when they were invited to play in Adenau, Germany in 2010. At the moment, Anthony as part of JAMM Band still carries on doing what he loves best – entertaining the crowds with their music.