Anna Jetcheva

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Anna Jetcheva

Anna Jetcheva ( - 27 August 2018), was a former Malta national team basketball player and Pembroke Athleta coach.

Anna Jetcheva was Bulgarian and lived in Malta for several years. She together with her family built a strong reputation in the sport scene in Malta.

Jetcheva originally came to Malta to play basketball and was part of the national ladies team that won the gold medal in the Games for Small Nations of Europe held in Malta in 2003.

Jivko, her husband is head coach of sprints and jumps with Pembroke Athleta: several athletes under his supervision broke records and won awards for Malta. Anna and Jivko were both PE Teachers at Stella Maris College in Gżira, and their daughter Elena Jetcheva is a tennis player who also represented Malta at international level.

Anna died on 27 August 2018 and her funeral was held in Bulgaria where she died during a visit to her family.