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Angel Voice

ANGEL VOICE Belgrade International Music Festival, is the first - Serbian (Belgrade) music festival and the only one in the region that has a prestigious WAFA license, making it unique in this region. The main goal of the festival is the development of artistic creativity, affirmation of young singers, new children's compositions and compositions for children, connecting children and youth from different parts of the world, as well as the promotion of Belgrade and Serbia.

ANGEL VOICE Belgrade International Music Festival, has become indispensable on the map of the leading festivals of this type, alongside the most famous festivals. This festival held for the first time on September, 2016. And it’s plain to always organized in September in the future years at Belgrade, the beautiful capital city of Serbia. During the festival days, the Belgrade audience will have opportunity to enjoy in performances of the best young musicians and dancers from around the world.

The person behind this festival is Zorica Ninkovic a founder creative Director at Angel Voice Belgarde International Music Festival.

The Festival

The Festival was held for the first time in September, 2017 in Belgrade.

Maltese Singers took part in this festival from the second edition true Mr. Martin Degabriele director of Stardust Promotions Malta. Here is a full list of the editions where Malta has taken part:

No Edition Year Singers Song Section Placing Video
01 2nd Edition 2017 Kylie Ann Cassar And I’m Telling You Little Angle till 7 years 1st. Place
01 2nd Edition 2017 Faith Bartolo Naughty Little Angle till 7 years 5th. Place
01 2nd Edition 2017 Emma Cutajar Hero Kid Angela 8 to 9 years 4th. Place
01 2nd Edition 2017 Kayley Cuschieri Rise Up Teen plus Angel 14 to 15 years 2nd. Place
01 2nd Edition 2017 Sarah Ann Cassar Black Velvet Teen plus Angel 14 to 15 years 3rd. Place (Click for video)
02 3rd Edition 2018 Faith Bartolo No Roof Kid Angel 8 to 9 years
02 3rd Edition 2018 Sarah Ann Cassar When We Were Young Youth Angel. 1