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Amulet was formed by a duo named Johanna Galea and Katrin Risiott way back at 2010.

Johanna, lives at Ħal-Qormi, she was born on 13 November 1987 and is a teacher in a government secondary school. She has been singing for the last years.

On an individual basis, Johanna sing in choirs, religious functions as well as weddings while in recent months also started singing at a local establishment places.

She had different styles of music but prefer more ballads and pop. Johanna also participate in drama both on stage and television series.

Katrin, lives in l-Imsida, she was born on 20 December 1988 and is also a school teacher of English to foreigners and has also sing from her childhood.

At the age of nine years she reach the final phase in a television festival called Sardinella view on TVM with the song Iċ-Ċirku lyrist and music by the famous sisters singers Natasha Grima and Charlene Grima. Later Katrin concenter more on ballroom and latin dance as well as performing drama and television. She loves and prefer ethnic, jazz and pop music.

Katrin and Johanna are great friends even off the music scene. It was this friendship that unite as urged duwett and their first performance was at the festival L-Għanja tal-Maltin, by Stardust Promotions in 2010 and they won the second place in the category of big with the song Abjad jew Iswed? (White or Black?) lyricst by Alexia Schembri and composed by Chan Vella

Amulet for the first time is taken part in the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - 2016 with the song Saltna Fis-Sliem lyricist by Alexia Schembri and composed by Chan Vella.