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Alternative Malta compilation CD

Wednesday 26 Jul 2006 (Michael Bugeja - The Malta Independent)

For a relatively young and comparatively less than mainstream organisation, Alternative Malta has exceeded expectations, extending its reach and appeal to a steadily growing number of people, thanks largely to its attractive and increasingly efficient website. Though mainly frequented by local indie fans, the site also pulls some overseas visitors, and its potential in this regard may very well have been pivotal in the realisation of the organisation’s latest venture – the release its first CD album!

As many of you are well aware, CD compilations featuring local bands are nothing new, but there has never really been ‘the one’ wholesomely dedicated to the alternative scene in Malta – until now! Alternative Malta has toiled hard to come up with this debut release, and thankfully (for both them and us) the end result is a fairly comprehensive compilation featuring 19 tracks (20 if you count the hidden track by the notorious R.A.S.) that represent the cream of what the Maltese indie scene has to offer as well as stretching its boundaries!

The bulk of the content is unsurprisingly guitar-based, ranging from the electric sparkle and familiarity of BeangrowersI Like You or Lumiere’s Remembrance of Lovers through the grittier edge of Dripht’s Guy On TV, BNI’s Inertia and Xtruppaw’s Diska Cool Ghar-Radio right down to the lush acoustic splendour layering both Adolf’s Is This The End and Mr Uncertain from Hunters Palace. In between, there are cuts that lean towards more of an electronic vein, namely Spooky Monkey’s Supersonic Warfare and Particle Blue’s hybrid chill on Weekend. The rest of the tracks are as significant, some - like Emily from Oz-based Andre Camilleri, End Of John’s engaging Ditties For Sissies, Corkskrew’s Blind Spot and Stilair’s Push – more than others! Definitely a must for your CD collection!

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