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Alison Abela

Alison Abela born on 10 June, 1979 at Mosta. Actress.

Alison has started her theatre career at a very young age where together with her father the actor Joe Borg used to be involved in various theatrical productions. Nonetheless, she considers her turning point to have been the leading role of Sophie in the musical the BFG adapted from Roald Dahl's classic.

Alison Abela and David Scicluna Giusti

Following, she enrolled at the Drama Centre where she completed her local training and obtained the LAMDA qualifications. She was also cast in the trilingual the Bacchae by Euripides, as part of the INDA festival at Syracuse.

Other theatre credits include various poetry interpretations for l-Akkademja tal-Malti, as well as television roles in popular Maltese series including: Ingroppi, Riħ Isfel, Salib it-Toroq, il-Klikka and at present in Midinbin.

Her theatre credits also include her leading role in Valerjana: Gżejret l-Iġġant and at present part of the amazing cast of Sibna ż-Żejt held at the [[Manoel Theatre].

With regards to international productions, Alison has been cast in the thriller Gemelle for the Mediaset sequel Seipassinelgiallo. Together with a group of friends, she formed the Bakkanti Troupe, which is a theatre company, who strive to move away from formal theatres and put up performances in unconventional venues.

In 2012, Plautus Strait, an original script by the well acclaimed Gorg Peresso and in 2014, Marjelena, scripted by the very talented Leanne Ellul. On a final note, Alison is part of the creative team at the school, of which she is part of the academic staff, where she assists in theatrical in-house productions.

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