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Alexander Johnson

Author, lyricist and songwriter Alexander Gregory Johnson was born in 1950 in London to a Maltese mother from Zejtun and a father from Lincolnshire, UK. Though born abroad, he grew up since infant age with his grandparents in Zejtun. He was later educated in the UK and France.

In the 1960ies Alexander Johnson deeply immersed in the "Mod" culture in London, where he discovered his love for music. He was a passionate follower of the fashion and music style of the time and met some then unknown musicians who today are considered legends.

Having made his home in six countries over the years, the entrepreneur in catering and trade businesses at last lived in Switzerland before he relocated to Malta in 2012.

The self-educated writer began to pen essays and lyrics for non-commercial use at a young age. But it was only in 2001, when Alexander Johnson made a bet with Chicago Blues man Sugar Blue, who challenged him to write a musical, which laid the foundation for STORM the Musical.

The first drafts for STORM were created on a kitchen table with paper and pencil. The songs, at first, had their musical birth in Alexander Johnson’s head, as he did not play an instrument. He expresses his song creations vocally and rhythmically. Composers and music producers are quick to pick up on his ideas, as in the case for STORM, where twenty-two pre-produced songs, each in a different genre, came to life in this method. On May 1st, 2009, STORM celebrated its debut in front of 850 guests in a theatre in Zurich, Switzerland. A contemporary, socio-critical musical that takes its audience for a ride on the roller-coaster of life.

Besides his fable for musicals Alexander Johnson writes song lyrics for other artists. In 2013 he began to work on a collection of short stories. More musical and diverse literary works are already planned.

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