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Alex Saliba (1927) is a Maltese medic specialising in chest diseases in the USA.

Early life & career

Alex Saliba was born in iż-Żurrieq Malta on the 18th of January, 1927. He had his education at St. Aloysius' Jesuit College in B'Kara, as a boarder, and then at the Royal University of Malta where he earned degrees as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (Ph.C.) and Doctor of Medicine and Surgery (M.D.), the latter in 1952.

Within a few weeks of graduation he went to London, UK, for postgraduate training and experience where he worked in various hospitals in and around London, including West Middlesex Hospital. He attained the position of Registrar at Whipps Cross Hospital, London. He specialised in diseases of the chest, besides general Internal medicine.

Migration and Medical career

Dr Saliba attended numerous conferences - one of which was at the Brompton Chest Hospital where he met a Dr. Godby who was superintendent at Red Cross Chest Hospital in Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia, who was visiting the UK. During their conversation, Dr Godby mentioned that his hospital needed staff with good training and suggested that Dr Saliba keep his personal card, and if he ever considered moving to Australia, he was to get in touch with him. Dr Saliba contacted Dr. Godby in 1956, following his marriage in 1955, and took the position of Staff Physician at Wentworth Falls Hospital in NSW Australia.

In his research work, Dr Saliba was also in contact with physicians at the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado, USA. At that time, this was a prominent research institution in Chest Disease, including Tuberculosis, well known in many parts of the world. The Director at that hospital asked Dr Saliba to contact them if he should consider visiting the USA and in 1958, Dr Saliba joined their medical team.

In 1959, Dr Saliba was elected Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians and later Fellow of the American College of International Physicians. Once again, work and research at NJH in Denver, got him in touch with the Medical Director at Hazelwood Chest Disease Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky and late in 1958 Dr Saliba accepted the position of Staff Physician and Assistant Medical Director.

In 1962, Dr Saliba was appointed to take the position as Medical Director at the 280 bed Chest Disease Medical and Surgical Facility. Medical staff there consisted of physicians from many countries. He was soon appointed Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Louisville Medical School.

In 1972, Dr Alex Saliba left hospital practice to start his own private offices in Louisville, for the practice of Internal Medicine and Diseases of the Chest treating his patients in office, as well as at various hospitals, as needed. On a part-time basis, he also ran a Health Department Clinic for Chest Disease. These activities he continued until his retirement in 1999.


Dr Alex Saliba has made scientific presentations to many physician and nursing groups, in hospitals, at universities, and at medical conventions, in the USA and at a Chest Disease Convention in Denmark. He was also an active member of various research committee groups.


Dr Saliba has had 50 scientific publications as a sole author, or in collaboration, in medical journals in the USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Italy; these included three chapters in a medical text entitled Histoplasmosis. In later years, he published 3 books on Social-Political issues, delving into some of the problems around our world.

Dr Alex Saliba is married to Maureen and they have four children - a son and three daughters. He currently lives in Florida, USA.


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