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Adrian Galea

Adrian Galea (born 1 December 1965) is a drummer and singer who resides in l-Imġarr Malta.

He comes from a musical family. His father is popular singer Edwin Galea, and his mother is famous band entertainer Oscar Lucas's only daughter.

Adrian Galea

Adrian started playing the drums when he was seven years old. He started his studies at the age of ten at the Johann Strauss School of Music under the tutorship of Charles ‘City’ Gatt and Joe Curmi. He later started performing in various night clubs and hotels with many local artists, namely his father Edwin Galea, his grandfather Oscar Lucas and saxophonist Sammy Murgo.

Adrian is a jazz lover and in his free time he practices techniques and inverts different jazz rhythms, for example afro-cuba, bee bop and others. He has participated in various concerts, however the finest experience in jazz music was when he played in a session with a renowned jazz saxophonist Tommy Whittle.

From time to time Adrian is invited to act as a judge in several local song contests. In 2011 he acted as a judge in a Festival in Lithuania.

Adrian took part in three performances in UK. He was part of an orchestra led by Mro Paul Borg at the Vatican City in 2011. He played in the Malta Jazz Festival and on several albums by local musicians and singers.

Adrian is married to Josephine. They have two children; Michela Galea a well known singer and actress born at 1997, and Luca born at 2000.

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