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Abstract Acoustic Duo

Abstact Acoustic Duo is formed by Gabriel Cassar born on 12 September, 1996 and Lenice Tabone born on 15 April, 1998. They came both from the village of Ħal Kirkop.

They got several occasions where Gabriel and Lenice played together in the same bands, and the fact that they lived a few meters away from each other, would not be the first to come and try out some new material between them.

It was the summer of 2013, when as Wednesday weekday, unfolded opportunity to both play during in cafeteria. From here, officially born duo - Abstract Acoustic Duo.

The style continued to evolve more and more, and today, can not be said that the present style is a permanent one; thirst of creativity together with dose originality. As opportunities that we can not say much, only very few of our stay engraved in our hearts, among them experiences where we have a chance to sing us people with special needs; experience with community Maltese Italian road; and Churches memorable playing in them at weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions, which are certainly memorable experience. The Song at the L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2015, Niftakarna therefore, they can say that has the largest audience will seeing their material, not only as a style but also as the first original material and officials will emerge from our homes.

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