4 eye drawings describing a figure

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4 eye drawings describing a figure by Matthew Attard.

The uploaded files are 100 individual video frames of four superimposed eye drawing attempts of a model, done during a Life Class by four different individuals. They also illustrate four different viewpoints of the same figure. Through the use of an eye-tracking device, data coordinates of the individuals' eye movements tracing along the model's contours were recorded, and later plotted. The 'drawing' outcome of each, resulted in having surprising 'graphological' elements. This experiment provided the chance to test a way of drawing which separates the 'artist's' body from the conventional hand-eye coordination present during the act of drawing. Moreover, eye drawing involves a strict eye-brain relationship which forces a different way of looking at a subject by attempting a control over the eye saccades, while also suppressing intuitive hand movements (the artist's body).

Furthermore, once superimposed the resulting eye-drawings became a representation of four subjective visions/traces of the same observed figure; traces which were previously imperceptible and made visible only by the eye-tracking device. The files in attachment fit somewhere in-between drawing and digital photography, and once superimposed, they also give the opportunity for three-dimensional developments. It also attempted to look at the traditional activity of a Life Class through a contemporary lens.

Departing from these results and concept, this installation can develop and be exhibited accordingly to the site-specific opportunities of DRHA Malta 2018.

This research has been carried out at the Department of Digital Arts (MaKS), at the University of Malta.

Exhibition Photos