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26 Other Words Back in 1996, Skid (Guitar) and Cedric (bass player) walked out of an Iron Maiden concert with the firm intent -much like everybody else in the audience (including Luni)- of forming a band like Iron Maiden. Some months later the band started jamming to a few Iron Maiden tunes, hit it up with Luni on drums (small place Malta) and bumped into the remaining two members (Stefano – guitar and Fonzi – vocals). Under the name of Angel Dust stirred up a gig with Iron Maiden covers and caused quite a ruckus.


Genre  : Progressive Metal

For a couple of years the band was a hybrid of an Iron Maiden cover band and some rather crudely written original material. During that time Angel Dust attracted quite a bit of attention locally which was fun, especially sitting in our rehearsing room, kidding ourselves that Iron Maiden would return to Malta and have us open the show for them. Funny thing that they eventually did come back in 1998. Funnier still that the band did open the show with a 5000 people audience! The Angel Dust band members nearly pissed their pants as Harris and Nicko watched the band from backstage. Cedric never touched a single beer that day, only water as he wanted to remember every detail but still, all he can remember is a blur. Adrenaline can be a bitch!

Some time later, tension blew the band apart. Luni, Skid and Cedric held strong and continued experimenting with individual playing styles and matured individually and as a trio.

For a few years the band auditioned various members to rebuild itself, more often than not, wasting a lot of time and getting nothing but frustration in return but eventually teamed up with Chris (vocals) and later with Steve (guitar), completing our present day line-up. The name Twenty-Six Other-Worlds was choosen as Angel Dust was no longer appropriate for a long list of reasons. Here is the band now, past their first few growing pains with their milk teeth ready to be replaced by their adult ones. What seems to have been an awfully long journey is but the initial few steps. They got Record Label Unsigned.