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ŻiguŻajg was born in 2011 as a new initiative to present world-class performances and artistic projects designed for children and youths. Every year thousands of people are introduced to new artistic genres within an exciting festival environment.

Through the yearly programme the Festival strives to position the creative arts for children and young people at the core of Malta’s creative ecology. This is mainly attained by showcasing professional arts in various disciplines, specifically designed for children and youth, at a high level of excellence. Furthermore, ŻiguŻajg acts as a funding body by commissioning an average of five new productions per year, in the process developing a national repertoire.

ŻiguŻajg is under the patronage of the Prime Minister and is organised by Fondazzjoni Ċentru għall-Kreattivitá with investment from the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government and support from the Ministry for Finance and the Ministry for Education and Employment.

The Festival is developed in partnership with Culture Directorate, the Arts Council Malta, Teatru Manoel and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Website: www.ziguzajg.org[1]

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