Żeppi Buttigieg In-Najs

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Żeppi Buttigieg In-Najs
Folksingers attempting to identify photo attributed to depict Żeppi Buttigieg In-Najs.
was an improvised verse folk singer. He was born in Żejtun and passed away in the 1980s. A livestock breeder he lived in Żejtun's lower end of town, ir-raħal t'isfel.

Little is recollected about him since folksinger documentation was sparse and infrequent. There is also a rival claim from Żabbar that In-Najs had a connection with them, since his son Anġlu Buttigieg In-Najs was born and baptized there, prior to emigrating to Melbourne. His son has written two folk ballads, one on each parent.

Buttigieg was a close friend of Salvu Darmanin Ir-Ruġel. A respected prime folk singer in the 1950s, it is unsure within the folk community if folk recordings of his singing exist, although some claim that there might be some folk ballads in private collections.