Ġużi Deguara l-Murtadella

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Ġużi Deguara l-Murtadella

Rabat enthusiast folksinger Ġużi Deguara l-Murtadella.

is an improvised verse folk singer. He is sixty seven years old and hails from Rabat, Malta. Deguara is not a line-up performer but folk sings with enthusiasts when the publicized sessions are over, in what is termed as l-għana tal-aħħar.

In the late Sixties, as a young twenty-year old Deguara was known to be a keen follower of Mikiel Abela l-Bambinu and in the company of Manwel Mifsud Is-Surġent, also from Rabat, and lesser known folksingers, Il-Qamar and Tal-Pasti.

Ġużi Deguara l-Murtadella.

He is a remnant of the folk singing tradition in Rabat that with the demise of Is-Surġent withered out and is on its tethers.