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Xirka Rock is a rock music promotion network founded by Lou Bondi, Kevin Drake and friends in the summer of 2010.

Xirka Rock

The network was originally proposed as Xirka Ħbieb tar-Rock (Friends of Rock Society), and a logo with this name was produced by Duane Laus. After a discussion on Facebook, the name was soon shortened to the established version (which translates to Rock Society, and Laus created a new logo.

According to the blurb used to describe this organization: "Xirka Rock brings together Maltese men and women of all ages and description who love rock in all its forms. From classic to pop rock, from unplugged to reggae, from soft to heavy rock, from rock & roll to progressive rock. And beyond. Xirka Rock is a network set up to exchange views and opinions and to make it easier for promoters to organise and ...market rock concerts. At the heart of Xirka Rock is the idea that through facebook its members have a direct say in how it works and what it does."

The main purpose of the collective is to organise events for local rock fans to gather and enjoy live music. However, in July 2011, Bondi started presenting a radio show entitled Xirka Rocks every Tuesday at 11 am (with repeats throughout the week, on All Rock digital radio.

The Xirka Rock Band was also established from the core musicians backing the singers at all events organised by the collective. The band appeared at the 2011 Great Farsons Beer Festival. They also appeared at the 'Fete de la Musique on 21 June 2011 in Merchants Street, Valletta.


British blue rock trio The Brew performed an opening show as special guests.

Xirka Rock IV: Stairway to Christmas
  • Saturday 26 March 2011 - Xirka Rock II: The Pillars of Rock at Stitch (ex-Liquid), San Ġwann. (estimated audience: 600)

Airport Impressions, Ira Losco, Red Electrick, Fire, Fakawi, Forsaken and Ivan Filletti performed a repertoire consisting almost entirely of British and American rock classics.

  • Monday 6 June 2011: Xirka Rock III: Rocking in the Woods at Buskett Roadhouse Greek Theatre, Buskett. (estimated audience: 1,200)

This event featured: Errol Sammut, Ira Losco, Pawlu Borg Bonaci (Fakawi), Red Electrick, Gianni, Ivan Filletti, Peter Paul (Tribali), Frank Calleja (Behead­ed and Slit), Airport Impressions, Gilberto Arredondo (The Creepers), Mikaela Attard and Eliza Borg. Freddie Portelli was the special guest while an opening acoustic set was performed by Colourblind, Fire’s Kenneth Calleja, Bridget Bone and Debbie Stivala.

  • Friday 16 December 2011 - Xirka Rock IV: Stairway to Christmas at Sky Club, Paceville.

The line-up included Errol Sammut, Matthew James Borg (Red Electrick), Mikaela, Ivan Filletti, Frank Calleja, Leo Stivala (Forsaken), Talitha, Pawlu Borg Bonaci, Kenneth Calleja, Chris Grech (26 Other Worlds) and Jotham Saliba (Scream Daisy).

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