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The X-Bones was a Maltese pop group active in the 1970s and 1980s.

Singer Ralph Dougall was a constant member through out all the years they played together. Other group members included John B. Dougall (guitar and vocals), Sario Azzopardi (keyboards), John Farrugia (bass), Alfred Ebejer (drums & percussion), and Walter Vella (sax & flute). In the 1980s, Aldo Busuttil replaced Sario Azzopardi on keyboards, and Tony Vella took Alfred Ebejer's place as the band's drummer.

They released two 45 rpm singles:

  • Filgħodu Kmieni (with Qoton) / Niftakrek (Douglas Records, 8 September 1977)
  • Għadni Nħobbok / Tfajliet Tal-Lum (Exotique Records, 1978)