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For these past few weeks, I have been fascinated by how communities of practice work, the idea of on-line cooperation and user-generated content, and how this phenomena of mass collaboration and participatory culture can produce such a wealth of valid material/information.

A good example of this on-line cooperation is perhaps Wikipedia - the online encyclopaedia, where its strength relies solely on its dedicated community of practice for its content and success.

If we can somehow understand how Wikipedia's community of practice work, and discover what motivates it to go on, perhaps we can then apply the findings to assist building and nurturing M3P's own community of practice.

The main aim of M3P is to record/save Malta's music memories, and to do that, there is a need for a strong on-line collaboration. Wikipedia is therefore looked upon as a model for the success of M3P, or better, the successful preservation of Maltese music memories. For starters, M3P runs on the same MediaWiki software as Wikipedia....