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Tony Grimaud - Hi, I'm interested in Malta's past - it's what made us what we are today.

I grew up in Malta at a time when, as an independent nation, it was still in its infant years. Many things were happening fast. It was an interesting time, a violent time, a time when things were tangible, a time when the struggle for power between the two main political parties was fierce and brutal, a time when you could really be creative and revolutionary in your thoughts and actions, and be punished for it - unlike today, when you are still punished for not conforming, albeit in a more subtle way by the powers to be - what is worse is that you come out of it without a single visible bruise to write home about.

It was during this time that I plugged my courage and strayed beyond my bedroom of the family home in Naxxar (where nothing ever happened except the two weeks of Trade Fair in July), and came out as the singer-songwriter, writing and singing my songs to audiences of alienated youngsters, just like me.

I delivered my songs during major rock concerts at the Polytechnic Auditorium in Msida, Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta, and all the rock festivals of the time - MaltaFest at Tigne, MaltaSajf at Ta Qali and Marsa, RockIndipendenza at Xaghra, Floriana, FestaZghazagh, Spinola...

At 50, I am now continuing my personal revolution as an academic researcher at the University of Hull's School of Arts and New Media in Scarborough, England. My current academic areas of interest include: Incidental Learning, Computer Aided Learning, Communities of Practice, the Multisensory Approach to Learning, Popular Culture.

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