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Unspoken is proud to be Ibraġ’s one and only Christian Rock Band.

Since debuting in 2007 in their first gig in front of the Ibraġ Church, the band has become more well known and sought out by the parish. Unspoken is comprised of 8 members, who meet on a weekly basis to rehearse Christian Rock songs that have strong messages on what we believe in and how we look at our faith. Today Unspoken play during the Sunday 9:45 Mass, and all other feasts, including the Christmas and Easter Masses.

The band’s present pre-occupation is working on a series of rock masses, with the next one to be organised on the 25th June 2009. This will be Unspoken’s fourth Rock Mass, and all previous ones have been a rewarding success, where both band and congregation enjoyed the events. The band fill the Mass with a mix of American Christian Rock covers from Christian Rock band Hillsong United and a few inventions of their own. The purpose of holding such Rock Masses is to encourage youths to participate in and enjoy Mass, decreasing the risk of Maltese youngsters losing their faith.

Whilst rehearsing for the next rock mass, Unspoken continue to improve their standards from amateur to a more professional sound. This means taking on edgier songs of more musical class, taking their musical vocation more seriously, to overall, profess their love for God through their music and performance. For recordings from Unspoken’s first Rock Mass and updated information on our Masses, performances and events please visit:

Band members: Rebecca, Michela – Main Vocals Michela, Daniela, Marilyn – Backing Vocals Jeanette– Rhythm Guitar Cassandra – Lead Guitar Gabriel – Bass Guitar Melchior – Drums/Percussion