Two Harbours

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Two Harbours was an exhibition by the artist James Vella Clark held at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity between the 23rd November 2007 and the 7th January 2008.

Exhibition Description

From the exhibition notes:

“Two Harbours” is the theme of James Vella Clark’s forthcoming solo exhibition to be hosted in the main hall at St James Cavalier in Valletta. The exhibition, his fifth major show in Malta, will be officially opened on Saturday 24th November and will remain open to the public until the 6th of January 2008.
James Vella Clark’s last exhibition at St James Cavalier was in September 2003 when he had hosted “Passion in the Village”, followed by two other exhibitions in Malta, Open Sky and Previews, the latter to show works that were to be exhibited at three solo exhibitions abroad in Berlin, Germany, in Kampen in the Netherlands and in Melbourne, Australia all in 2005. These were followed by two small projects, 4 Days in Fawwara in June of 2006 at Space Gallery in Portomaso and more recently, a small viewing at B’Art Gallery entitled Recent Drawings and Studies held last August.
“Two Harbours will not be a collection of my most recent work but the result of a two and a half year project that started in October of 2005. The main concept of this project is the dualities within us and the dualities that make up our relationships both with ourselves and with those around us. These dualities come together when our conscious self, the self as we know it, meets the actual true self. We then become conscious of other dualities too – the extremes within us – and we come to realise who we really are and who we are actually capable of becoming,” added the artist.
Paintings such as Two Harbours, Two Bays in Summer and Two Islands amongst others, attest to this concept of duality in this collection of work which will include around 26 works. The collection starts from a painting entitled Immigrant Landscape concluded in October 2005 moving on in a chronological order through some of the most significant paintings completed in 2006 to the majority of the collection concluded throughout this year.
In line with the artist’s Art for Charity commitment, whereby one of the paintings from each exhibition is dedicated to a philanthropic cause, the artist will be donating the proceeds from the sale of one of the paintings to the Cystic Fibrosis Fund.

Exhibition Contents

In the Popular Press

  • Independent Malta, "James Vella Clark at St James Cavalier", 24th November 2007.
  • Artissa, "James Vella Clark - Twenty Questions Interview", 2007.

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