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[[Category:Published articles]]
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Sunday 23 Dec 2007 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)

A new company by the name of Goodwine Productions has signed up Maltese vocal trio Trilogy. The company’s directors, namely Rocco Buonvino (UK), Mark Grima and Simon Grima announced recently that they will be managing the popular crossover act.

Trilogy is well known on the local scene, more endearingly to followers of the Malta Song For Europe festivals, where the trio has always emerged as a top class act. Trilogy have also performed abroad, including Bulgaria’s Discovery International Song Contest in 2006 (which they won), and earlier this year at the International Ice-Skating Grand Gala “Lovers on Ice” in Italy.

2008 brings with it many exciting opportunities for the trio, particularly in the UK, where Goodwine Productions intend to launch the young artists with the aim of securing a record deal. Acknowledging that Trilogy’s music isn’t quite the mainstream fodder that pop charts usually feature, Goodwine added that there is still a significant market for Trilogy’s brand of music. The singers will be produced by Steve Levine and Chaz Dabat, both well known on the international scene for their work with top artists such as Culture Club, America, Louise, Steps, Gary Moore, Shalamar, Gypsy Kings and many more.