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Singer Tony Gauci is not to be confused with another Tony Gauci, who is associated with the trial for the Lockerbie Bombing.


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Tony Gauci (27 October 1945 - 10 March 2010) was a singer from Żurrieq, Malta, who was active mainly in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was known as "Il-Kampanjol" after he made a hit with the song Qalb ta' Kampanjol written by Alfred C. Sant in the mid-1970s.

Gauci started his career at 14 years of age with the Valletta Premier Orchestra. Throughout his career, Gauci formed part of various local bands, most notably Helians and Scorpio.

The singer donated all of the profits from his first album Qalb ta’ Kampanjol to Id-Dar tal-Providenza.

Other hits include Il-Kalendarju and Blue Lagoon. He also recorded his own version of Ma Tagħmlu Xejn mal-Perit Mintoff' ahead of the 1981 General Elections campaign, and this made the rounds extensively on cassette tapes across the Maltese islands and with Maltese immigrants, particularly in Australia and North America.

Tony Gauci visited Australia on various occasions as well as Canada and the USA to perform there, dedicating his last album Malta Gawhra tal-Ħolqien to the Maltese Emigrants around the world.

Gauci was married to Bernardette and had two sons, Keith and Nicholas.

His funeral was held on Friday 12 March 2010 at 14:00 at St. Catherine's Church in Zurrieq.