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Born 1961 London England .Maltese parents.I was the youngest of 7 Children. From a early age music had a big influence in my life.A:: my Family was into music of some form or another.My Father was a trombone player in when in Malta with the Zebbug band club.and he always encouriged music if one of his children took a Interest.When I was growing up My oldest brother used to study Piano 8 or more hours a day , and from time to time he used to baby sit me. and I started to learn all the classical pieces note for note.the next brother was into movie music the shadows and other orchestral music. the next brother was into the Beatles and other 60`s pop music .my sister used to train as a singer and from her I used to listen to the Seekers Sandy Shaw`s Cilla Blacks etc etc. the next brother was into 70`s music stuff like CCR . and other rock music. .only one brother had no influence in music who was 5 years older. while at school I remember buying my first radio and listening in bed to Radio Luxembourg I was about 12 years old.still just a listener till around 1977 I joined a band called Craze as a singer, we didnt do much as a band , but I started to meet other musicians. I gave up the music till about 1981 where I started to try and play the piano.after a short while I started to play 8 hours or more a day . and Piano took over my life,I bought a Synthesizer and me Triccas ( Jesmond Tedesco and a couple of other guys started to meet up and jam .. we used to play In my Dads Garage . near the Rabbits. we than seen that the music was going nowhere , and I was finding that practicing the piano was more beneficial to me. again I tried to form a band we called ourselves After 9 ,but this time I had converted Part of the Garage into a rehearsal room, while playing with After 9 , the guitarist of a band called Fluid came to visit us , I never met him and he kept coming to my home asking me to join them and play . I had no confidence and never went . till one day I was walking the streets and he was passing by for rehearsals and more or less dragged me to go and watch them play . I heard them and thought to myself they don`t need me , they sounded great as they was. anyway they invited me to play . and every time we used to meet in Tigne . the Guitarist named Twanny Mifsud. Ic Chambeline ,used to ask me to get there earlier so he shows me some stuff. this band we actually played a few gigs and I got my first taste of playing in front of a audience. After Fluid started to change its Members and the band started to lost its direction and we split up.more or less in the same time Tony Grimaud.came up to me and asked me if I was Interested in playing keyboards for his project called Life Games, and he was going to play this project as a Rock Mass. I remember I didn`t agree untill he agreed to also ask the Guitarist of Fluid to join too. the main reason on my behalf of this is , that This Guitarist gave me confidence inm,yself and I felt I had a good understanding with him. again we did a couple of gigs, by this time I had planed to move to England. the original Idea was to go to UK with the Band Fluid. but they like many bands them days didnt have the confidence to get up and go for it. ,when I got to England . I found life was hard , but I had some luck because I met some Musicians and they invited me to join their Band, the band was called Rapcallion, we did a couple of gigs I remember in Hastings and I am them parted company . after them I joined a few acts did quite a few gigs .Stonehenge, Gaddon, are highlights. in the mid 90`s I decided to start to study classical music and done that for a few years. again I and Mick Walker Formed Heliumlovesok . A band as far as I know are still going today.then I went to Eastbourne collage of arts and technology and done a two year course in Music Technology. Learned alot about the music industry . also how to write music for the Media.I have not mentioned all the bands I have played with because there are quite a few one Band Maltese people will surely know is Characters. I did a few little bits of Keyboards on a couple of demo songs with them ,while they was in UK. associated musically with Alex Napier Ex Uriah Heep Drummer.Shirzelle , Arthur Brown .Simon Shaw,Splognessabounds, Pat Keene. started to work as a solo artist Composing music . recently . right now I have just moved to a new country Bulgaria and I hope to in the future once settled start to write music music,More keyboard orientated. watch this space........ If you are interested in TokinToker you just have to press on this Link -- ---------> http://www.myspace.com/tokintoker