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Sunday 23 Dec 2007 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)

The past few weeks have been hectic for Toby. Not only did the Maltese DJ/producer win the award for Best Dance Production at the 2007 Malta Music Awards, but he’s also had another of his tunes, Radiolized, nominated for a Bay Music Award. In top of all this, Toby has been busy working on a new tune, Soon You Will See, which will be the official theme for this year’s L-Istrina fundraising campaign.

The new song, a pop tune punctuated by an ultra-light peppering of Toby’s familiar electro tilt, features a number of top local artists, namely Kristina Casolani, Jotham (Scream Daisy), Baresine, rapper David Leguesse and violinist Simon Vella, the latter two of award-winning hiphop act Sixth Simfoni. Builiding the song from scratch, Toby put the music and vocal parts together in a month that is best described as “daily dedication and duress”. The end result however is more than gratifying, but none more so than the noble aim for which the song was produced. In Toby’s own words, “I think the outcome is far beyond expected and it really does sound like a great ballad. I am sure it will help get people more involved in this year’s Istrina”.

Soon You Will See is out for sale now from all leading music outlets, with all proceeds going towards L-Istrina campaign. Meanwhile, Toby has announced his schedule of live and DJ gigs for the remaining weeks of December. He will be performing live PA and DJ sets on Christmas Eve at Sky Club and two New Year’s Eve slots, the first at Buskett Roadhouse and later at Ryan’s.

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