The Prophecy

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The Prophecy

The Prophecyis a band that originally set with the specific purpose of playing music in a mass organised for teenagers. At that time we used to listen to a lot of pop and classic rock music. In time we realised that there was much more meaning in the lyrics of the worship songs we were playing.

Later on we discovered another genre. This was a genre which involved a strong Christian message and often a prayer. This made us realise that one may have to travel a long journey between realizing the relevance of God in his life and feeling the urge to actually worship God. Thus our dream is to be able to reach people our age and perhaps through the music we play, make them feel loved by God.

Band members: Margherita – Vocals, Nichola – Keyboards, Aaron – Drums and Percussion, Edward – Guitars, Jean Paul – Guitars, David – Bass Guitars

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