The Lesser Gods

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The Lesser Gods: We get together and work on ideas that move us from one dimension to another... if that’s on the outskirts of sorcery, then we’re doing something that feels right - if that doesn’t take us there, then we’re just fucking around. When you've collectively been makin' music this long - it's good to know it's got places to go - it takes on a life of its own - it becomes meaningful to others and you either invest what it takes - or you move on. The music carves its own path - through thick and thin. The Lesser Gods are one of those bands that kick up a sound that pulsates and reminds you of the times when bands like Killing Joke, New Model Army and Bauhaus were considered truly 'art house'. Refreshingly familiar yet uncomfortably unpredictable - the old spirit ain't broke yet.


  • Jody Fiteni (vocals, keys)
  • Adam Bonello (guitars, orchestration, soundscapes)
  • Andrew Christie (bass)
  • Tony Griscti (drums)

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