The Doreen Galea Choir

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(Il-Kor ta’ Doreen Galea) or The Doreen Galea Choir one could say that saw its start as a chorus at the beginning of the nineties, when the Maltese singer Doreen Galea was started to give some singing lessons to some students, among these children Initially, there were children like [[[Olivia Lewis]], Marvic Lewis and her sister, Priscilla Psaila, and Fabrizio Faniello.

The word occurs and childrem bring children, and when Doreen began to see a way that these children also began to increase, forming a choir and decieded that, the age of this choir should be for children between 10 and 15 years.

Everyone knows the love having to music the Galea family, family is sleep and always wake up music environment. Doreen singer, her husband Sammy Galea was a pianist and her children, three boys also heavily involved in music, Dommic Galea play the piano and composing, Benedict Galea plays the drums, and Manolito Galea began singing, only this over time he began to show inducement technique that is jirrekordjar songs in studio that was discarded with household name of Wave Studio and today is one of the best recorders that got in the island.

With children trainees under the direction of Doreen, they show their desire to have a song, so it had to compete in Festival, and here would come Sammy Galea and later Dominic Galea and after this desire for children cut, while Doreen was also write some lyrics and children teach the lines.

Amidst the eighties and early nineties were to organize various activities, mostly in the summer months those known as' The Mediterranean Ijieli where they have also uploaded several musicals and this Chorus of Doreen Galea whoever was the first to play a role when it was necessary.

One of these Musicals was Andrelisa held in 1994 in the gardens of the Floriana Argotti with lyrics by Ġorġ Saliba and music by Sammy Galea and his son Domnic Galea with direction of Josette Ciappara, Apart this choir in the Musical was also true three soloists Fabrizio Faniello, Emerson Vella, and Roger Tirazona.

The popularity of this growing kompliti Choir, and cokomlp take part in various activities, including Christmas time, when they were singing under the Freedom Square tent where today soared building Parliament, and while these editions launch a song, that still pleased till today, script by Charles Flores, and music of Paul Abela Id-Dinja Tagħna (Our World).

This Choir Doreen Galea was involved in various activities, among them on could named concert of Andrew Lloyd Webber, held from Bonaci Brothers, appeared during one of the final evening of the Festival Song for Europe, the Concert Galea family was held in Independence celibration in 1995. The Musical, the il-Ħanut tal-Ġugarelli (The Toy Shop) in 1999. that had been made at Doreen home itself, and shown on television stations to Super One and various other activities and appearances on television, and activities for Charity in different localities around Malta and Gozo, apart from its role in various Masses 'occasion like half the night at Christmas, Mass w even some weddings also. Apart from that it was involved in issuing two cd's of the time bound beautiful Christmas, ‘Għanjiet Tal-Milied Tradiżżjonali’published by KTA and ‘Ninni La Tibkix Iżjjed’ issued by SKS.

Over the years this choir sometimes had to contain 70 members, tħarġu, singers and had also grown as singers name individual Maltese music scene, among them names like Gillian Attard, Priscilla Psaila, Julie Zahra, Clifford Galea, Dario Bezzina, Grecia Bezzina, Sarah Harrision, Marilena Gauci, Rodney Gauci, Christabelle Borg, Vannessa Gatt, Thea Saliba, Roseann Cordina, Kimbery Manicaro, Emerson Farrugia, Roger Tirazona, Corinne Caruana, Annalise Ellul and Alison Ellul which after all had career years and made popolar.

Apart from this there were other singers like Olivia Lewis, Miriam Christine Borg, Leontine Camilleri and Fabrizio Faniello who were also some individual lessons.

Today this choir is no longer an active, just certainly work of Doreen Galea definitely left his success in Maltese music scene several singers who were children at the time and today have grown and continued to advance in their career.