Svetlana Muscat

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Svetlana Muscat

Svetlana Muscat born on 25 January 1985 in Ħamrun although grew up and today is living in Ħal Għaxaq.

Remember her childhood she was drag to broadcasting, when she climbs on the kitchen table presents her small sister to dance, even if it did not have wish to dancing! Over time, after completing school, she joing the Qawsalla team under the leadership of Ray Azzopardi where she engages in Super One radio links over the festive Maltese.

In 2006 it was Gino Cauchi was approached to start producing and presenting program. In fact had emerged with the idea to present a programm called Homes, where it was her first experience and from that time forth to stop present timetable. After Homes, had other programs like Bikini, Trid Tarah, Għall-Frisk, Matinee and Indigo.

Without doubt, the greatest satisfaction for Svetlana is when back in 2007, won an award for Best Upcoming Talent for Bikini program. All this after only a year had been initiated on television, which undoubtedly was the most beautiful experience which ever media scene.

From time to time she also presents several evenings where invited, and several marathons, both of the Labour Party, as well as those of such a social theme like Puttinu Cares, Oħloq Tbissima,Ġesu’fil-Proxmu.

Svetlana is a very sincere person,'ll continue strongly with what she has, and employed slightly hard w determined to what has arrived to what she wish and need.

She works in the National Labour Centre, as well as presenting on One TV. As hobbies loves facebook, bathing in the summer and travel. Apart from that was involved in various types of businesses as well, including construction of swimming pools, organization of parties, today runs a clothing establishments of Fashion.

Svetlana love too much the patron feast of San Gaetanu il-Ħamrun, and remain sure that Svetlana will there all the holiday week, from Monday to Sunday enjoy the with marches playing w admire the statue.