Stella Cordina

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Stella Cordina

Stella Cordina was born in B’Buġia on 2 Febuary, 1947. She is a Singer. She started singing in the school concerts and choir. Stella never had any tuition for singing. The only lessons she obtained for singing were from her mother who used to sing a lot while doing her housework.

Stella finished school after she obtained the ‘O’ levels at the Secondary Technical School, Ħamrun. She took part in many festivals both in Malta and abroad, like Labour Song Festival, Canzone d’Oggi, Canzone Napolitana where she also danced with the Paul Curmi Dancers. She also took part in the Malta Song Festival and other festivals organised in local villages. Besides all these Stella also sang in hotels, restaurants, weddings, concerts, shows and RAF social events in Luqa, Ħal Far and Vittoriosa.

Around 1967 Stella met Charlo Buhagiar who became her boyfriend and three years later they where married. At that time he played the saxophone with The Jaspers and so thanks through him Stella started singing with their band too.

Stella Cordina

She was even one of the group of singers called to sing in Sicily with Valente’s group and later also with John B. Cassar. Then later Stella went to Sicily again for about 12 more times taking with her the guitar group Northbeats, The Jaspers, Carmen Xerri and her sister Doris Cordina who also used to sing at the time. She also sang with many bands like Vinny Vella Sr, Chircop Brothers, Jimmy Dowling, Oscar Lucas, Edwin Galea, Spiru Zammit, Joe Farr, Valerio Valente, Bi Bi, Joe Almerigo and others.

During her trips to Italy Stella met Claudio Villa while he was a guest at one of the festivals that she was taking part in. He was a very down to earth person, so gentle and he seemed to take a liking to the Maltese. During another show Stella also met Perez Prado and Ebby Lane. As for Albano Carisi she got to know him during a festival here in Malta when he was first starting his career. They became quite good friends and used to be together quite a lot.

Stella Cordina sing with Edwin Galea and The Rockers Band

At that time Stella also took part in various television shows like Teen Beat and Kaxxa Nfernali to mention a few. When her husband died, Stella totally gave up singing and increased on smoking. Unfortunately this made her lose her lovely voice. She stopped smoking at 2012 and thank God she gradually regained her voice back.

Lately she have been signing a couple of songs with The Country Brothers where they go dancing every Saturday. It makes her recall those lovely time, when singing was her career.