Starlight Singers Festival - 2014

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Joe Julian Farrugia and Ian Fenech organised the Starlight Singers Festival - 2014 open for singers of all ages. This new festival was held at the Metanoia Theatre in Ħal-Luqa on 9 November 2014.

The participants were divided into categories according to age. Apart from awards according to the order of the judges' marks, an award for the most promising singer/s was awarded in each category. All the other participants were presented with the participation award, because after all participation is the most important.

The audience in the hall had its say too, as everyone had the chance to vote for the audience award. Prizes and vouchers were drawn between members of the audience.

Because of the high number of participants, the festival was split in two and each half had its own Overall Winner, which was awarded to the singer who gained the highest number of votes from all categories. This winners of this award were offered the opportunity to represent Malta in prestigious festivals abroad in collaboration W.A.F.A. (World Association of Festivals and Artists).


Judges where Olivia Lewis, Julie Zahra, Owen Caruana, Noel D'Anastas, Doreen Galea and Sammy Galea and Head Judge Jackie Galea M who counted the votes.


Presenter of the Festival was Brian Farrugia.