St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity

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St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity is a government-run arts venue in Valletta, Malta. It was created to fulfill the role of pushing forward Malta's cultural aspirations.

It first opened its doors to the public on the 22 September 2000.

With a strong commitment to supporting the contemporary creative scene, the Centre's philosophy is to also take in, reflect and support the country's traditional and historical heritage and culture.

Housed in a 16th Century fort, the centre is home to a small theatre-in-the-round, an art house cinema, a chamber music room and galleries.

Over the years, the centre has welcomed both local and foreign artists, writers, singers and actors, dancers, musicians as well as thinkers, scientists and other creators. It has staged operas and premiered plays, held major exhibitions of contemporary pieces as well as past masters.

In 2015 the centre was re-branded as Spazju Kreattiv.

Visual art exhibitions held in St James Cavalier

The following is a list of visual art exhibitions that have been held in St James Cavalier, Valletta since it opened in 2000. (TBA)

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