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  • '''Emil Calleja Bayliss''' from [[San Ġwann]], [[Malta]] was born on the 23 of June 1989. ...interested in the local industry and from a very young age showed interest in following what was happening around him.
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  • ...' is a series of podcasts by [[Toni Sant]] featuring music from performers in or from Malta. It has been running regularly on a weekly basis since Saturd ...assar, Antoine. [ 'Mwejġa' in ''Mużajk''] - 25 January 2006</ref>
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  • '''Kayley Cuschieri''' was born on the 24th of February, 2003 and lives in [[Ħal-Safi]]. She is a singer and a pianist and also is passionate about a ...nd Prixs and also in November 2010 she won the ''Best Singer of The Year'' in the ''Ilħna t'Għada Singers Festival''.
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  • Mill-2019: Producer u preżentatur tal-programm ta’ 90 minuta '''Awguri Maestro!''' | 25 ta' Lulju 1869||2019||Soċjeta San Pawl Banda Konti Ruggieru||Rabat||[
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  • '''Rachel Lowell''' was born on the 25 August 2002, She comes from [[Ħal-Lija]]. She is a Singer. ...l Theatre School and during her five years at this school she participated in various musicals which include ''Charlie and the chocolate Factory'', ''Cat
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  • '''Cherylis Camilleri''' was born on 28 March, 1995. and lives at [[Fleur De Lys]] near [[Birkirkara]]. She i ...and [[Albertine Abela]] and [[Matthias Brancaleone]] and they placed first in an important festival named as L-Għanja tal-Maltin with the song ''Waqtiet
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  • ...ia, the Netherlands and Malta where she recently received her B.A. Honours in Fine Arts from the MCAST Institute for Creative Arts. '''2017 – 2018''' B.A. (Hons) in Fine Arts, MCAST, Institute for the Creative Arts, Mosta, Malta
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  • ...10 July, 1972 is a Maltese writer, translator and performer, today living in Brussels. '''Loranne Vella''' was born in Victoria Gozo, Malta to Mary Grace Monseigneur nee Ellul.
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  • ...uthor and composer. Michael is married to Dr.[[Suzanne Piscopo]] and lives in [[Ħ' Attard]]. ...BA (Hons) degree in Public Administration from the [[University of Malta]] in 1986.
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  • ...a’ disa’ snin. Is-solveġġ ħadu kollu mingħand missieru. Wara kompla fil-każin tal-[[Għaqda Madonna tal-Grazzja Banda San Mikiel Żabbar]] taħt Mro. Pal ...lvi. Ftit wara beda wkoll jitgħallem għand Mro. [[Carmelo Ciantar]] fil-każin tal-[[Soċjeta Filarmonika San Ġorġ Bormla]].
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  • '''Lyndsay Pace''' is a Maltese singer born on 12 March 1990. through each of her stage performances. She differs from the other acts in the local music industry by bringing about a certain aura, a professional o
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  • '''Francesca Zammit''' was born on July 17, 2000. She lives in [[Swatar]] and she is a singer and a pianist. This year she will also be st singing in masses and also in weddings. She also forms part of a band, in which she is the main singer and pianist.
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  • '''Janice Mangion''' was born on 27 Febuary, 1989 and comes from [[Santa Venera]]. She is a singer. ...rovision Song Contest in 1972]]. Since then Janice has been taking lessons in the piano forte.
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  • '''Kevin Cortis''' from l-[[Imtarfa]], was born on 19 September 1992. He is a singer. From an early age he started showing interest in music.
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  • '''Danica Muscat''' was born on 17 September 1994 and lives in [[Ħal Għaxaq]]. She is a singer from [[Malta]]. ...osition for 3 times in a row setting a record for herself and the festival in general.
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  • ...ded with her studies at [[Sir M.A. Refalo School]] and read a B.A. (Hons.) in Maltese and Spanish Studies at the [[University of Malta]]. ...iven various recitals, the latest one being held at [[St. James Cavalier]] in [[Valletta]].
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  • ...a’ [[Bormla]]. Beda l-karriera mużikali meta kellu biss seba snin fil-każin tal-[[Għaqda Madonna tal-Grazzja Banda San Mikiel Żabbar]] taħt is-surma għamel u ġa kien wieħed mill-aħjar studenti mużiċisti ta’ din l-iskola. In fatti wkoll kien jaghmel parti mill- orkestra ta’ l-iskola. Bis-saħħa t
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  • [[File:Kantamagħna2019.png|250px|thumb|right|Kantamagħna 2019]] ...of Kantamagħna – A Singers’ Festival, took place at the [[Astra Theatre]] in [[Victoria]], [[Gozo]].
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  • ...[Birkirkara]] with her family for the first years of her life, today lives in [[Qawra]] where she has been staying there since 1998. Maria Spiteri is a s Maria has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and works as a nurse at [[Karen Grech Hospital]]. She is currently
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  • ...hon to add content to Wikipedia about women artists. Now in its third year in Malta, this edition features a series of curated exhibitions across three s the work of women artists and their contribution to the art scene in Malta.
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