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  • '''Etnika''' was one of Malta's leading modern [[Folk music|folk]] bands founded in 2000.<br /> Their efforts were rewarded by the Award of Music Achievement in the 2001 [[Malta Music Awards]], held in [[Ta' Qali]].
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  • '''Day by day Malta news updates featuring the most prominent news item of the day as featured 06 [ Air Malta coping with severe UK weather]<br />
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  • '''Glen Vella''' (born 14 May 1983) is a singer and voice coach from Malta. ...ctical and theory in voice and piano. He is certificated in voice coaching from the [[Victoria Music and Arts College]] of London.
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  • '''Sunday April 18 2010 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)''' ...European tour with The Prodigy, which we intend to finish off in style in Malta since that will be the last day of the tour.
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  • ...sion Song Contest 2013''' is the television show by which [[PBS]] selected Malta's entry to the 2013 [[Eurovision Song Contest]] to be held in Malmö, Swede ...selection. All lead singers should be Maltese while foreign composers and authors are allowed to compete.
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  • ...onnici]], composed by [[Dominic Cini]], direct by [[Tonio Vella]] in the [[Malta]] caractor simbol. ...the music scene after five years and reach the Sixteen finalists of the [[Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018]]. with the song Back to Life lyrics by [[Mic
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  • ...himself to be a rebel, influenced by the rebel poet – his own teacher in Malta – [[Karmenu Vassallo]]. ...ich has not yet been published. He was involved in editing ''The Voice of Malta''. He has also published several articles, including ''Maltese settlement i
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  • ...967). He was then appointed a Lecturer in Pathology at the [[University of Malta]] (1968). ...and Chairman of the '''Gozo Health Council''' (Ministry for Gozo). He left Malta and returned to Australia in 2003.
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  • ...special investigation branch of the '''Royal Air Force''' during the war (from 1942) and saw service in Italy, Egypt, Palestine and Syria. ...notype keyboard operator with the '''Victorian Railways Printing Works''', from where he retired in 1978.
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  • Mark was born in Sliema, Malta and migrated to Australia in January 1973. He has been an active member of
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  • '''Joseph Galea''', (born 7 July 1974) from [[Cospicua]] is an actor. ...ologue and performed various tasks in launching a book of some of the best authors, including [[Trevor Zahra]], [[Claire Azzopardi]] and [[Ġuże Stagno]]. He
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  • ...rature, known for the long letters wrote to some of Malta's best poets and authors. ...Dun Karm's legacy. Mikallef Buħaġiar collaborated with numerous Maltese authors who wrote books about Dun Karm or collected his poems.
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  • '''Ġuże' Chetcuti''' was one of Malta's most prolific 20th century authors. ...tee for orthographic matters for many years. He was also a member of the [[Malta Drama League]], and co-founder of the [[Xirka għat-Tixrid tal-Ilsien Malti
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  • '''Deborah Abela''' (1966) is a children's books author from Sydney, Australia, most notably the [['''Max Remy, Super Spy''']] series. ...was born in [[ir-Rabat]], Malta in 1942 during a [[WWII]] bombing raid in Malta. Her grandparents were Theresa and Ramech Abela. Ramech Abela migrated to
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  • George Henry Griffiths was born in [[L-Isla]], Malta in 1922 and was educated at the [[Royal Navy Dockyard School]]. He served h ...a to ''[[Lil Ħutna]]'' magazine issued by the [[Emigrants Commission]] in Malta and devoted to migrants all over the world.
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  • ...llege]] in [[B'Kara]], as a boarder, and then at the [[Royal University of Malta]] where he earned degrees as a Pharmaceutical Chemist (Ph.C.) and Doctor of ...ical and Surgical Facility]]. Medical staff there consisted of physicians from many countries. He was soon appointed Assistant Clinical Professor of Medi
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  • ...s such as [[L-Għanja tal-Poplu]], [[Malta Summer Hit Song Contest]] and [[Malta International Contest]], were in 2010 he placed in the third position with He also ended up with the top 50 in the [[Malta Song for Europe]]. he have been a resident singer since September 2012 on [
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  • Among the authors who Mark worked with them to find Rita Pace, [[Aaron Abela]], [[Daniel Musc [[Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene]]
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  • ...Buttigieg by marriage, is a singer known as '''Merga''' from [[Rabat]], [[Malta]]. ...estival]], [[Malta Song Festival]], [[Festival tal-Kanzunetti Marjani]], [[Malta International Festival]] (Tourist Revues), [[Gozo Festival]] and [[L-Għanj
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  • for over thirty years and acting plays with theater companies in key Malta. ...ipide), Jourdain (The Would Be Gentleman of Moliere), Barabbas (The Jew of Malta by Christopher Marlowe) Caliban (The Tempest of William Shakespeare), Ripaf
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