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Sandmist is a black metal project started in 2003 by Oliver M. Grech from Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Malta, with work that culminated in an album of ideas called Gold of the Ancients.

The first Sandmist material appeared in public 2008 using basic equipment resulting in 3 short demo tracks: Into the Crystal Pyramid, Return of Osiris and Mummification.

These 3 tracks were re-record after some feedback and along with two more tracks were release as a demo. Further feedback resulted in a removal of the vocal tracks from the mixes.

By 2010 Sandmist's second album, named Portent of Shifting Leaders drew inspiration from fictional laws, propaganda and power in the world. Vocals improved on this work particularly with the involvement of female vocalist Vanja Plavsic Obscure's thick growls.

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