San Remo Junior Malta 2017

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San Remo Junior Malta 2017

San Remo Junior is a well known Festival all over the world organized by Societs Kismet Srl. – Italy – This is the sixth year that this festival is being organized. It is a singing and musical contest among the younger people, puting them in touch with professionals in this sector in an International and multiethinic Environment.

Under the directorship of Antonella Vassallo and Gillian Attard the San Remo Junior Malta 2017 with the Assistant of David Muscat and Robert Cefai as Vice Assistant, has been entrusted with the exclusivity of the Malta National Finals for Malta’s participation in the 8th Edition of San Remo Junior International singing festival for children between the ages of six years (6) and fifteen (15 which will take place in the famous Teatro Ariston, in San Remo, Italy on Wednesday 3 May, 2017.

The Singers will perform live accompanied by the San Remo Orchestra.

Approximatley twenty song divided in three sectiuons according to age group will be selected for the singers category. The Selectes ones will perform live for the Finals during a LIVE transmission on TVM on Saturday 22 April, 2017 at 8.45pm

The Rules

01)Singers must choose ony one song which has to be the same one to be sung in all eventual following phases, and, eventually at the San Remo Junior Festival in Italy. The song can be a cover version or original, in any language, and MUST NOT be longer than 3 minutes. In Case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present a text with transalation into English. The lyrics in competition must not contain expressions which could be found offesnsive to common decency, and /or the State, Institutions ,The Church, or any Religion.

The Singers Category

(02) There will be one category only: SINGERS sectioned as follows:-

  • Section A – From 6 to 9 years old.
  • Section B – From 10 to 12 years old.
  • Section C – From 13 to 15 years old.

Participants intending to apply ion different sections for 2017 edition must have reached the required age between 1 st January and 31st December, 2017.

(03) The registration closing date on, Saturday 1 April, 2017 orginally but was extended till Wednesday 5 April, 2017.

There is an entry processing free of €120 plus VAT. When paying the fee you must also hand the registration form duly filled in an envelope provided when efecting payment. Copy of the form is attached with these rules. The Registration form has to be filled and signed by parents or Guardian of the Minor.

No other materrial is to be handed at the stage.


Registration Form together with the payments may be delivered at [[PBS Creativity Hub],] Gwardamanġia.

Cheques must be payable to Mr.Antonella Bugeja Conti. This can be done during workind hours. Please call on 79970017 beforehand.

(04) The AUDITION will take place on Saturday 8 April, 2017 at St Michaels School in San Ġwann with half playback where the performers will be singing live in front of a panel of jury. Time will be given on a later stage. Please provide the backing music CD by the preferably on 1 April, 2017.

(05) By Wednesday 5 April, 2017 is the latest day, you will handle the following materrial:

a) The Backing track and full version on CD of the song. (track 1 Backing version) Very Important. (track 2 the full version) if ready. If you pass for the finals please submit the full version by the 15 April, 2017.

No other voices allowed on the backing track.

b) Five copies of the Lyrics in the language that the song will be sung. In case the language is not Italian or English, it is compulsory to present a text with translation into Engglish language.

c) Copy of the parents or teh tutors Identity-cards

d) 3 passport size photos of the performer.

e) Write up about the performer in English, max 10 lines about the artist.

f) The song / performance must not exceed three and a half minutes.

(06) No Dancers or other acts

No Dancers or other acts, are not allowed to accompany the singer during the performance in all phases of the competition. It is advised that the performers to concentrate on the interpretation of their song.

(07) Judging will be baes on technical and artistic criteria (intonation, colour, performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), and also on potential emerging both the pieces performed and their performance. No dress which is not suitabel for childen will be allowed duting the performances. Selected Jury members will be experts in their fields.

(08) The Committee’s Decisionis final.

(09) For furthere information, one my contact Antonella Vassallo on 79970017 or send an emial to or David Muscat on 99457784. Emails must to be sent to -


On Wednesday 5 April, 2017 after the registration closing date a meeting was held at St Agatha Assembly Hall at Rabat for the parents, singers and tutors.


The AUDITION will take place on Saturday 8 April, 2017 at St. Agatha Auditorium, Rabat with half playback where the performers will be singing live in front of a panel of jury.


The five jurys member for this audiotions where:-

The Finalists

These are the Finalists for this year's Sanremo Junior Malta...CONGRATULATIONS!! to all this singers. The order given the 27 singers below does not reflect the placing of each singer during the elimination phase. The 27 partecipant will be divived in three section A with seven song while Section B and Section C with ten songs each.

This is the order for Sanremo Junior Malta 2017 FINALS - 22nd April @ St. Agatha Auditorium Rabat.

No Singers Year Songs Televoting No Placing Video
01 Layla Pulis Hallelujah 52302101 click for Video
02 Giorgia Borg Listen 52302102 01 click for Video
03 Alaiyah Cassar 52302103
04 Kaya Gouder Curmi Tomorrow 52302104 click for Video
05 Jan Camilleri Un Amore Cosi Grande 52302105 02 click for Video
06 Maryia Magro Respect 52302106 03 click for Video
07 Sara Baldacchino Feel The Light 52302107 click for Video
No Singers 'Year Songs Televoting No Placing Video
08 Kristy Spiteri Vincero 52302108 01 click for Video
09 Giacomo Cremona Heroes 52302109 click for Video
10 Lisa Gauci Think 52302110
11 Martina Cutajar 2006 Rise 52302111 03 click for Video
12 Kiana Fenech 2007 I'm Here 52302112 02 click for Video
13 Zaira Mifsud 2008 Respect 52302113 click for Video
14 Lexi De Martino 2008 Don't Rain On My Parade 52302114 click for Video
15 Shania Cauchi 2006 O Mio Babbino Caro 52302115 click for Video
16 Shanice Micallef 2008 Forever Young 52302116 click for Video
17 Krista Šujak 2008 Pupa Tal-Plastik 52302117 click for Video
No Singers 'Year Songs Televoting No Placing Video
18 Haley Azzopardi 2005 Feeling Good 52302118 click for Video
19 Jodie Bezzina 2004 There Are Worst Things I Could do 52302119 click for Video
20 Amber Grace Scerri 2004 Alone 52302120 click for Video
21 Charisse Ann Vassallo 2004 Je Suis Malade 52302121 03 click for Video
22 Naya Bezzina 2005 I Will Always Love You 52302122
23 Louisa Degabriele 2003 Listen 52302123 click for Video
24 Maria Daniela Camilleri 2003 Popolar 52302124 02 click for Video
25 Shannon Falzon 2005 I'm Here 52302125 click for Video
26 Miguel Bonello 2003 Writings On The Wall 52302126 01 click for Video
27 Cledia Micallef 2003 Fifth Element 52302127 click for Video

The organizers would like to thanks all the participants who participating in the SANREMO JUNIOR MALTA 2017 – Malta Selections on Saturday 8th April 2017. And wish them success in their singing carreer.


Judging will be based on technical and artistic criteria, (intonation, colour, performing technique, expression, musicality and interpretation), and also on potential emerging both from the pieces performed and their performance.

The Jury Members where:-

Inchange of jury Members as Chief Judge was Robert Cefai while Notary Dr.Thomas Sant was the obersvor during the counting votes.


For the televoting you can phone by using the local landline or mobile services provided by GO, Vodafone or Melita. SMS are will not be valid for the competition.


In the intermission till one could known the winners, their will be entertaiment by four singers Leon Saliba Bugeja, Ksenia Grech, Jahel Cardona and Justine Shorfid who together lead by Gillian Attard and Dario Mifsud Bonnici and arranger Dominic Cini, will sing the song of Mary Spiteri 'Tfajjel Ckejken' music by Mro Paul Abela and lyrics by Ray Mahoney.

The Special Guest for the night, include Kelsey Farrugia, Kelsey Bellante together with AYTO andand last year winner of San Remo Junior Malta 2016 Thea Aquilina.

Christina Schanz Dance School, Dance Project Studio, Bridgette Gauci Borda School of dance who perform numbers during the show.


The Comperes for this edition of San Remo Junior Malta 2017 was the actress Doriana Portelli and the young singer Rachel Lowell

The winners results where this

  • Winner of Gran Prix of San Remo Junior Malta 2017

Here is the first three places of San Remo Junior Malta 2017 edition, from each section. With the Winner Miguel Bonello will be rappresenting Malta on 3 May, 2017 at the Ariston Theatre in San Remo:-

No Singers Songs Video
01 Giorgia Borg Listen click for Video
02 Jan Camilleri Un Amore Cosi Grande click for Video
03 Maryia Magro Respect click for Video
No Singers Songs Video
01 Kristy Spiteri Vincero click for Video
02 Kiana Fenech I'm Here click for Video
03 Martina Cutajar Rise click for Video
No Singers Songs Video
01 Miguel Bonello Writings On The Wall click for Video
02 Maria Daniela Camilleri Popolar click for Video
03 Charisse Ann Vassallo Je Suis Malade click on Video
Section Singers
Section A Giorgia Borg
Section B Krista Šujak
Section C Miguel Bonello
  • Kaya Gouder Curmi with the song 'Tomorrow' win the (televonting) Public Opinion Vot
  • Alaiyah Cassar with the song ' ' win the Audience Award