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Rumbull at Underground Shadowz Show in Kalkara

Rumbull is a Maltese rapper and hip hop singer, whose real name is Kevin Hayward.

He is very active within the Maltese hip hop scene, appearing at many collective events featuring other Maltese rappers, such as Immortal Techique's live concert on 5 July 2009 in Pembroke, the 2010 World Refugee Day concert in il-Marsa and Għanafest 2010 at the Argotti Gardens in Floriana. He has also performed in the UK.

Lordz of War, a track from his forthcoming album Cut Throught Island, featuring Simply Ill, was released as a music video on YouTube on 10 August 2010. It was also included on Toni Sant's 232nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast on Saturday 30 October 2010.


Kevin Joseph Hayward (born Portsmouth UK on August 6, 1984) is better known as Rumbull, a British-born rapper and video director of Maltese descent.

Rumbull released his debut album Cut Throught Island digitally on February 27, 2011. That same year he also teamed up with MMA 2010 Music Video Award winner Nick Morales to produce the music video for the Horse's Head single.

Known for his unique raw and revolutionary style with a British/Mediterranean twist, Rumbull first appeared in Maltese Hip-Hop group Sixth Simfoni's video for Break Thru, playing the part of Dizzy's friend, who goes on to carry out a hold-up on him and his mother in the video. The experience influenced him to act and direct his own videos.

Not long after, Rumbull released his first music video for the song Hold Ups, for which he teamed up with upcoming director Luke Westwood. The two worked together again for the music video of Lordz of War. At the time Rumbull was playing host at Pristine 1,2,3 and rapping from a mixtape made at the time (but never released) with Niki Gravino.

Travelling back to the UK, Rumbull was a resident MC at Havana Club in Portsmouth where he also made a name for himself as an ill freestyler and a raw battle rapper, while gathering skills in the craft of open mics and battles.

Rumbull released his promo EP on the same day he opened for revolutionary US rapper Immortal Technique alongside Da Circle. After the show Rumbull went back to the UK to finish his album, which was produced in London's Kilamanjaro Studios with British HipHop heavyweight producer Chemo.

While Cut Throught Island only features one guest appearance, namely upcoming rapper and longtime friend Simply Ill, it has several top flight guests on productions, such as Telemachus Malone(Chemo), Wizard(OSB), Skizzaz(OSB), Leatherface(ex-Rhyme Asylum)and upcoming Maltese producer Gilson.

Rumbull is also a member of No Bling Show, HipHop Malta and is a Shaka Zulu of The Universal Zulu Nation Malta.

Rumbull has also opened up and rocked the stage with R.A. The Rugged Man and underground HipHop King Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra), alongside Sick Nature and DJ Illegal (Snowgoons).

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