Roderick Castillo

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Roderick Castillo

Roderick Castillo was born on 4th Febuary 1980. Roderick is an Actor, director of drama.

Starting acting from school. taked part in several plays at school then went to drama unit Malta corse. Between 1996-2000 he made the part of (Judas) in Jesus Christ Superstar. In 2004 played as (Cyfer) in Dance of the Vampires worst vampire in town. And in 2005) ‘Night fever’ (Alfi) x drug edict who us trying to help a friend but things turned bad.2005

Eu talents from Latvia, Malta, Italia and Turkey. Toked place in Turkey. Everybody went with teatrecal production.We went with highlights from the musicals of broadway. roles Galileo from We Will Rock You, The Phantom The Phantom of the Opera and Count Krolok from Dance of the Vampires.

In 2006 taking part in Evita (che) narrator of thw story . and in 2007 played (Roul) Christina lover in The Phantom of the Opera. and Knights Spectecular. Musical regarding the great siegh of Malta. as a Turkish leader. In 2009 make the part in ‘Tamara’ Good Friday pageant written by Charles Sherri. the of Barabbas held in Valletta and also later in 2011 he was the director of Tamara and played ‘Elezar the one who put Christ for crucifiction.

Lorenzo in Il Belt Vittoria. husband who loses his son during the great siege of Malta by the Knights of St John. In 2011 again in Valletta in Il-Rajjes a Good Friday pageant written by Charles Sherri. role (King Herod)

At 2012 in Mrar Good Friday pageant written by Rainer Cassar.Role, he was also the director and play the part of a guy (Gizma) who sworn to do revenge on by stiling his only sun.

Beside acting Roderick was also involve as a director on stage, and he direct Jesus Christ Supertar, Evita, Dance of the Vampires (wtitten and directed), Night Fever (written and directed)Tamara and Mrar.

Also made several Tv drama and clips, like Bondi plus clips 2004, L-Evagelisti 2008--2009 id devil gangster that he will fo anything for money. Dellijiet 2008.. Salvu the junky who falls in love with a police sister. Riħ isfel 2009. Mario Arrigio News reporter. Rubini 2009--2010. Wayne.gangster who betrays his boss to save a friend from end up dead by the same boss.

Laundry,sidkom. Special guest in a part of a patient who is crazy on his nurse. The film Malta force 2010 comedy. As Il fucu.

F‘Salib it Toroq season 3/4. 2011-2012 prisoner Ronnie Seguna. A criminal who gets always what he want and nothing gets in his way. Klassi ghalina sidkom as special guest in episode 6 season 1.

He also fliming on Eva in the part of Antony.A guy who is crazy on women but still claims he is in love with his x girlfriend who happens to be a witch. Moonstone in a part of a x prisoner who works in a mafia group and gets involved in something that he have to work againts his boss with the police as undercover mission. Pippa trid tkun. Sidkom in a part of an italian mafia with his brothers that toghether never do something good. The breeder full feature. Victim in a brutal murder. Which will be shown on tv as drama productions.

Roderick always on the go was involed in last production of Dar il waħx (2013) as the freak guy